Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't hate me because I am obsessive - another quilt top

a pic of last night's yellow and grey top - out in the sunlight. aiming for better pics soon...

I figure I am entitled to obsess over things every once in a while. If there is one thing to know about my dear husband - it's that he is a PATIENT man. He doesn't worry when I take over the house with my latest obsession - whatever it may be - beading & scrapbooking in years past, painting, collage, decoupage, sewing clothes, quilting, drawing, writing & illustrating a book, making stationery... there are too many hobbies to count. Somehow, J finds the grace to rejoice over each creation with me - however small they are - and he will even allow me to discuss my multitudes of plans with each project.

Our house for the past 5 years has been overcome with fabric. And all this time, I was hoping to get up the nerve to try quilting... stockpiling quilting cotton... and this week I feel like the volcano erupted. I keep sewing the quilt tops, because I am afraid I will lose my motivation and begin to forget my ideas. So for now (while J is working 2 jobs and very busy - out filming THIS tonight), I'm quilting like it might be my life.

At least this is a little more productive than reading Twilight again. Though I am not against that, either.

Tonight's quilt top has a lot of inspiration. In it there are pieces of the fabrics I used for the Design Director and myself and our matching top/dress at Mother's Day last year. There are pieces of one of AJ's blankies. There's some fabric from a shirt J used to wear to work. And there are some vintage fabrics, pieces from a charm pack and even more that I have no idea where they came from. (Have I mentioned that I have a great fabric collection?)
This quilt should be interesting to see where/how it ends up. The yellow square in it just had to be there. Mimi's love for yellow ends up popping up in funny places - I never loved yellow until the design director did... and I now gravitate to it. So that's a little shout out to her inspiration, I guess. (she, by the way, is noticing Momma's frenzy and has been sketching out her own quilt designs that we will work on together). I'm not really a "white" lover... and have literally no white in our house other than tile in the kitchen and bathroom... so it's funny that I've been collecting these white and green fabrics for years. I'll keep you posted on the progress of this. (obviously. can't I keep any secrets?)

No. I can't. That's why I have to tell you about all I love.

Tonight I was loving Craftsanity. I always love Jennifer's podcasts. She's a great interviewer, and gets awesome guests on her show... but tonight was fun to listen to because I sponsored her show! (yay!) I felt like I have received so much inspiration from her over the past few years, that I needed to give back. Well worth it. Tonight's podcast didn't make me cry, like some of them do - but it was really fun to listen to and I enjoyed it a lot. (Thanks, Jennifer!)

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Jennifer said...

Thank you for sponsoring the podcast! I'm flattered to be on your radar. Your skirt designs are top notch! You go, sister!



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