Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hold the door

I'm so happy to announce that I've got the beanbag doorstops back in my product line. I took them out of my etsy shop as they were a modified version of another designer's pattern... But in all reality, they were too close for comfort to make me feel okay about selling them.
So I have been thinking up my own original design for a while and was able to make it tonight.
Here it is! (you like?)

BDJ Designs

Oh... do I love my two new sweaters that I bought from Barbara De Jounge at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show! I've already worn each of them twice this week. But do they really count as sweaters when they are more like flexible use accessories that you play with when putting them on? The wool is fabulously bright and sumptuous - the shapes are totally outrageous... they each come with an initialed pin (BDJ) that you can use to shape the sweater to the day's liking. The tomato red one that I have pictured can be worn so many ways - even upside down for a totally different look.
(I love clothes that DO things. i.e. reversible skirts!)
Barbara struck me as a true "artiste" - she is pleasant, warm, and elegant - but there is something distinctly otherworldly about her. She makes outrageously fun necklaces out of rubber bands and other office supplies (I'm not kidding, they're cool) - and I have to admit, her color sensibility even made ME feel like a color wimp. I went for two pretty subdued colors from her line - tomato red (shown) and a minky mocha brown color. My new friend, Christina, chose a HOT lime green coat that had all of us around oohing and ahhing.
The thing that was so much fun about the BDJdesign line -was appreciating each detail - an extra hole here, a dart there... somehow each piece looks like someone had a LOT of fun making it. and that's what it's all about, right?
take a peek at her site - and take notice that most of the retailers that carry this fabulous line are actually museums.

(ps - a huge thanks to J's mom for the early birthday money to buy these with!)

Here's a petition to sign for CPSIA

Reform CPSIA HR4040

I found this site to be really helpful for explaining the politics of trying to get the CPSIA overturned and they have a petition that you can sign (it definitely needs more signatures!) that doesn't require you to sign up for any additional info.

Please sign. This is really important...



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