Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Quilt #2

Here's Z's quilt. He loves it. The layout is so simple, and perhaps would have been different if I weren't trying to make EQUAL quilts, but we are all happy with them and there are no complaints.

In all honesty, I've been sewing nonstop all month - trying to get these gifts cranked out. But my priority was these quilts. I wanted to finish them by Dec 9. And I did!

I'll have to wait to do the big reveal of all the other sewing I did for gifts after they're given. I know, lame, and not very inspiring, but secrets are secrets!

Christmas Quilt #1 (what I've been doing)

As long as I can remember, I have been wanting to make a Christmas quilt. I began collecting fabrics for it before I ever knew how to quilt.
Last year with my Bee Happy girls, when it was my turn, I asked them to make Christmas blocks. I send the fabrics to them asking for one block each. They sent back THREE each. Which were amazing and beautiful and utterly overwhelming! What was I going to do with so many blocks? (Ahem: make Christmas bed quilts for all the beds in the family)

I set aside all of the Christmas tree blocks to make a tree themed quilt for my bed, and divided up the rest into two EQUALLY awesome piles for my two very competitive kids (who would notice if one person's quilt was cuter than the others')

Then on the LAMQG retreat, I cranked out the three quilt tops. My goal was to maybe finish the quilts in time for Christmas 2013. But my friends encouraged me that with my new machine (still need to post about it) that it would be a lot easier than I thought to finis these up. So by the end of the weekend, both of the kids' twin size quilts were quilted up and my king size quilt was basted.

The first to be completed was Mimi's quilt. She was thrilled and cuddled under it the first time she was sick this month while watching movies. It's been on her bed ever since.

I just have this amazing happiness when I walk into their rooms and see my little people sleeping under their Christmas quilts. How amazing to be a little kid and wake up every day in December, knowing its Christmas before you are even out of bed? The very thought makes me happy.
(Them too, they're already talking about how sad they will be to put them away)



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