Saturday, November 21, 2009

Someone stop me... Or maybe not (mod podge again)

I went to Anthropologie a few months ago and saw some fabric covered teapots that made my mouth water with C U T E... But alas, like everything there, the price was a little steep. Okay, I'd never spend $60 on a teapot... Especially when I thought I could make it at home.
So I tucked the idea away until I found a teapot to try it on. The one I found had a hideous bamboo handle that needed to be replaced... (enter the knotted grosgrain handle)... And then I Mod-Podged the heck out if this happy little piece. I will put it out at my sales that remain this December. (after that, if it doesn't sell, it might be mine...too cute to let go of)

1 comment:

Mod Podge Amy said...

I didn't know you made it! I thought it was for sale in a store or something - which goes to show, you did a great job!



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