Monday, May 18, 2009

Dress #2 - Brown and Green

So here is my second of a few dresses that I've made recently...
I also decided to include a peek into my studio for you.

Giveaway projects - Cheri's handiwork

I got my first pics tonight of something that someone made from their own piece of scrap heaven...
These pics are from Cheri. (I'm SO happy you loved the box, Cheri!)

Great News!

I have fun news to share...

1 - While I am in Italy, my sister, Victory, and my dear friend, Tori, have agreed to guest blog. The theme will be all Italian, in honor of my trip. I can't wait to see what they post.

2 - The collaged candles got some Dollar Store Craft love this week. Check out the fun blog -
there are always so many fun things to do at Dollar Store Crafts. I'm a beach glass collector, so I think I will be trying this one out soon, and I also LOVE using my washable swiffer refills made from a fleece baby blanket I bought at the dollar store.

3 - I've been a sewing fool! I seem to have gotten the idea that I need to parade around on my romantic vacation with a whole new wardrobe... and have been sewing dress after dress... I'm just loony. Will post some shots of the latest one later today.

4 - I've sold out of my scrap boxes! Wow. After 24 (maybe 25) flat rate boxes getting shipped out to you all - my scrap pile is down to 4 bags of scrap - no longer 10. I made sure each box was full to the brim with scraps (they weighed more than 5lbs each!)- and did m
y best to ensure that each one had a fun and exciting variety of good sized pieces so
people could have fun making things. I can't wait to see some of the creations made. If I am feeling the need to spend another week cutting, folding, shipping, etc... we may revisit that whole concept again. It sure was fun while it lasted. Thanks for taking part!

5 - one question. If I were to bring 1-2 of the following skirts for my trip to Italy... which would you suggest? And why? (just so you know, these 4 are the ones I wear most of all, though my closet boasts about 3 more)
The Original

But Seriously


Out & About




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