Friday, September 28, 2012

Clementine's quilt

This summer was the summer of so many babies born to close friends. Another one of my pals, Alissa, recently gave birth to baby Clementine! (who not only has the cutest name ever, she's kind of amazingly adorable....)
Ok. It's done. Made over a very long summer with no sewing machine access. Hand-pieced and hand quilted, for a special baby girl.
Well, baby Clementine, OF COURSE, needed a baby quilt... and my sewing machine was packed up all summer (as you know). So along with Amy's baby quilt - and Crockett's quilt - both quilted by hand... I had to make C's quilt. Only I started it after I had packed everything up, and thus had to hand piece the strips for her quilt. Yolanda had given me some really great precut strips a few months ago - remember the bag that I made for her when I was in Hawaii? (which she has with her every time I visit her in the hospital!)... well, those were the cool colored strips - these were the warm ones she gave me.

This entire quilt is hand stitched - except that I used a machine to attach the binding to the quilt. I was so excited to bring it over to Alissa - who is not only a guild member friend, and fellow mommy, but also a neighbor.

And as a bonus, I got to hold baby Clementine. She sent this cute pic of baby and quilt to me.



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