Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The book is done!

Pajamas and tired eyes included... I still don't like photos of myself, but I had to share my news... My book is done! It's super super cute and I'm totally proud of it. 20 pages of
preschool butterfly happiness.. (now I just need to make a customized version for my kids as a
Christmas gift... With their photos instead of the school friends... That will be fun!)

site updated

so my very busy hubby... while working late on his show... managed to update the website.
we have had to replace 2 patterns, Original, and Fall Springs... with new patterns - as they have discontinued fabrics in them.
We've replaced them with new (beautiful) patterns.
The replacement for "The Original" is actually the same print that you'll find in Sweet Tea, but in red and (get this) chocolate brown... it's gorgeous.The replacement for "Fall Springs" - the windmills pattern - is actually one I'd never planned to use for skirts. I had made curtains out of it for my living room and so many friends came through asking if they could have skirts made from the curtains, that, well....
And then... we've got the recently named: CARAMEL LATTEand also... another new one... AT THE DINER (It has a little tiny reference to my being a PepperDINER... and this being in our colors...)
And (drum roll, please)
another naming game! woohoo!
(Sheac Yee... did you ever receive your gift from me? please let me know if I forgot it in the midst of the robbery and all that junk...)
What are you friends suggesting for these two?prizes will be given to the winners... keep up the inspiration gals! I love that you are now inspiring me!



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