Saturday, November 14, 2009

Keeping busy... Upscale yardsale prep

This week is my backyard sale! That means that I'm working every spare minute on fun little stuff for it! Today's project was lots of my favorite "scrap-books"... I love mine so much, everyone needs to have these! Now about 16 more people get to enjoy them now too...

Did you see this too?

The most recent anthropologie catalog about sent me into cardiac arrest when I saw this page...(oh, and many others!)... My new crafty, knotty, quilty, designy neighbor mommy pal, icole, emailed me... "have you seen page 17 yet???" and sent me a link.
I believe a red/brown/pink/orange/green version is in my future. (as soo nas I build up the nerve and catch up a little on sleep... Maybe it's a project for January, my favorite month)
Nicole's email was so funny that I had to post it here. (my points exactly)

"Didn't get past that page last night. The syncronicity of it short circuted my brain:) just looking through it now and there are more quilts and knit chevron throws and crocheted amiguri ornimemts. Not to mention all the pretty clothes, shoes and bags. Damn recession."

The patch has grown

He must love me

J came home the other night with these two mags for me, saying that now I didn't have to go through the embarrassment of wanting to buy the Vanity Fair... (I never would have, too embarrassed)... But (sigh), Rob does bring Edward to life... And um, it's for the articles, man!
The quilt mag is awesome, too. I think J was wanting to get me one with projects in it that he actually approved of and could envision in our house/life.
Nicely done, J!



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