Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Italian Memories: by Victory

Italy… I have to say I am a little envious that my sister is there… escaping REAL LIFE (ie, the never-ending joys that we refer to as our children, homes, jobs, chores, responsibilities, commitments… and I don’t mean that sarcastically. I love my life, though I would like to escape every now and then!!). I have only been once, and have great memories. My mom and I went, just a month before my wedding, and met another mother and daughter duo over there (neither of whom I knew very well upon arrival). We had a memorable and amazing time. Wine. Art. History. Sunshine. Lots of yummy food!

One of my funniest memories was when we all went to get massages. This was a brave endeavor. We were laying in cubicles, separated by thin curtains. The masseuses were extremely chatty as they went about their business. Kirsten, my partner in crime, and I were on opposite sides of a thin cotton curtain, and she whispers to me, “as soon as I hear them say ‘chellulite’ (insert thick Italian accent) I’m out of here!!!” We tried, fairly unsuccessfully, to control our giggles… it has forever changed the way I will say that word. I wonder if she even remembers saying it. I thought she was hilarious.

Another great moment was late one night, after our kitchen staff (! – wow were we spoiled!!!) went home for the night. They had prepared for us an AMAZING dinner – everything fresh and so yummy that you savor every bite. They had cleaned up for the night, and headed out. We somehow found ourselves in the kitchen, stuffing our faces with anything we could find. Leftovers, fruit, extra dessert… you name it. The next thing we know, the cook walks back into the kitchen, because he had forgotten something. Talk about caught with your hand in the cookie jar. We were humiliated!!! We had just consumed the most amazing dinner, but still had enough room to pack in a few extra bites. I guess that’s what you get when you have 4 women, an otherwise empty villa, and no one to answer to!! So fun.

Ok – so here is a photo from our visit. I loved that special time. It was a great way to celebrate my upcoming marriage, and the fact that my mom was passing off her baby to a (wonderful) man… that was over 8 years ago. (and even though it looks like it, this is NOT an antique photo… just a bad photo of a photo.) Buon viaggio, Libby!!! Ciao bella!!!



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