Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bee-hind in my bee squares - catching up with Nicole

Miss April in my bee (Nicole) was neglected for months as I packed and moved. I'm glad we are a close knit bunch, all fully aware of each others' lives... No one has yet expressed any anger at my bee-ing months bee-hind. (ok, no more puns)
Tonight, however, was the first day of being able to use my studio. Our open house was yesterday and here was my chance.... I spent the night playing with Nicole's great palette of shot cottons and striped linens to deliver her a huge Gee's Bend inspired blocks.
Nicole and I started quilting together about 4 years ago - so I think she especially will appreciate how far I've come. :) and for her part, I know the quilts of Gee's Bend are what inspired her to start quilting, so her quilt is going to be phenomenal.
As she requested, all of the scraps went back to her, but those tiniest "unusable" ones are the ones I always try to play with at the end... I added this funny crooked strip to some Essex Linen and made a little project bag to go with.
...a great first night, indeed!...
(this bodes well)



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