Thursday, January 27, 2011

Piano in the afternoon light

I love winter light. Our house has rippled old glass windows and thin curtains to let in the hazy winter Los Angeles light in the most beautiful ways.
I took this pic just now of Z, playing the synth in the afternoon light as baby and I snuggle on the couch. A rare quiet moment... Most of my time is spent shuttling little people around, not sitting and resting with the boys. The peace will be over in less than 5 minutes... But it is beautiful for now.
These pics were all so pretty, I couldn't decide between them for a favorite.
Which do you like?

More baby gift quilts

I made these quilt tops in December when I was on the marathon quilting frenzy... I used the scraps from my nieces' and nephews' quilts to whip up these baby quilts for some friends, but they lay unfinished until I got the speed quilting inspiration the other night...
These are for a family who has a boy and a girl 14mo apart... My kids are 18mo apart, so I feel for those moms... It's a hard hard season.
I thought knowing that someone who has been where they are is thinking of them would be encouraging...
Once again, I'm doing my best to bust my stash and use up what I have. I've made it through January without buying any fabric.



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