Friday, July 2, 2010

What to wear with Libby Dibby skirts?

I get asked this question a lot....
"What do you suggest I wear with a Libby Dibby skirt?"
So I figured I'd post a few ideas and suggestions.... I tend usually to pick slim fitting t-shirts with a nice neckline and some form of detail that draws the eye upward.  With the a-line skirt, this ends up giving a really classic hourglass look as the eye travels. There are days that I actually tuck the ribbons from my skirt into the waistband, and others that I wear them out - depending on the shirt I'm wearing.

My favorite look with the skirts is a slimmer top, tank, fitted sweater... it keeps everything from looking too boxy. I'm not really a shirt tucked in girl ever, though I've seen lots of gals pull it off with my skirts. It doesn't really work for my shape - I'm the type constantly trying to camouflage my tummy weight, so I keep it more loose around the waist.  You can see a lot of my favorite types of shirts with the skirts in the pictures of skirts page here on the blog, but here are a few pics that really show the shirts that I wear.

I also have been seeing some nice tops lately in Anthropologie, the Athleta catalog. I've complimented a few gals lately and been informed they bought their cute tops at Target (haven't seen them there myself, though).  My new favorite brand is Velvet. I made it to a sample sale of theirs a few months ago and have been wearing their tops well with my skirts this season. Plus, their tees wash beautifully, have great silohuettes and vibrant colors.

As far as shoes go, in the summer my skirts get paired with sandals, wedges, flip-flops and even my Croc flats.  In the winter, I love them with tall skinny boots.
I hope all this helps answer some of those questions!

I need your advice!

Ever feel creatively stuck? I do... (well sometimes, rarely...) Anyhow, here's where I'm stuck right now. My bathroom is boring. Grey tile, black tile and dingy white walls. You can see the green and white curtains I made, and even the cute Amy Butler towels my sister gave me recently... And at some point, someone started to strip the wood, but not all of it.
I think the mirror and trim want a high gloss coat of paint, but I can't figure out which color... (Black? White? Accent?) and I really want that upper portion of the wall to be something. (I've toyed with a damask stencil type design, or stripes, but am just stumped because I can't decide on colors or pattern.)
Do you know of any examples of those kinds of paint jobs? I need some inspiration... If you do, post a link to it in the comments section. I really would love to hear some opinions - even if I don't use them, they're sure to spark something.... Thoughts?

Apricot harvest

It's a little sad when your apricot harvest can fit into a teacup. But sadly, the birds have used our vacation as a time to steal. I've found apricots with one "bite" out of them scattered around the tree. Insert Griswoldian muttering here. ($&@*#!)
We have a fabulous city fruit tree called a "fruit cocktail tree" which is a beautiful Frankenstein of fruit branches grafted into one another so that we've got plums, nectarines, apricots and peaches all growing on the same tree. (our neighbors have a citrus fruit cocktail tree... Grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes). They're perfect for small city yards. So far the peaches seem to be growing the most prolifically... I'll have my eyes out for those evil birds... (my fear of birds strikes again). In the meantime, enjoy my amazing harvest. (wink)



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