Saturday, May 17, 2008

Worlds collide

This photo makes me laugh. Back in my "glorious" days of textile (read: carpet) design I knew the pattern name and manufacturer of this carpet... Now, just like the rest of the world, the carpet is just a distraction to the image I wanted to get....
We used to make carpet and hope it could be considered art... We gave it names like "oxygen" and "soul"... And in the end, it was just walked on.

Talk about a great learning ground (no pun intended) for design... Work like it is high design, and eat humble pie in the end, so you can never really get a big head... I'm glad I started out that way... And I love where I am now, too. Even with packages on my dining room table and a studio that never gets organized due to my constant influx of inspiration.
I must say, I have loved the journey so far. Its been a great story and I know its just gonna get better.



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