Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This is why I love January

I actually had meant to write this earlier, but an email that I just wrote reminded me..
I have decided that January is my favorite month of the year.

It started probably with living in Chicago. The holidays are so much fun, I love them. But they are also hard sometimes when I spend my entire first 3 weeks of December rushing around to filling orders - staying up to 3am to get stuff taken care of.
I learned quickly that I have to get my personal holiday preparations ready by Thanksgiving. (that means WRAPPED!)

In January, however - the snow would fall. The decorations would come down - give us a little more breathing space - though we always left our lights up through January - because the thought of 4 more months of snow can be a little disheartening. and it is C-O-L-D!
However, over the years, I have also noticed that in that breathing space after the holidays - and in the reflective spirit of the new year - I am more creative and more inspired than any other time of year.

I have more time (i.e. business is slow!) to work on projects. This year it was curtains and slipcovers for the new house, the new cards, and even some potential ideas for new products. One year, I spent 30 hours on a collage that I worked on while it snowed outside and I nursed a back injury. (It's one of my most favorite works of art that I have ever completed)

People are around in January. Friends are accessible. Times are cozy and it's fun to sit around and get to know people in January... no one has huge plans. The last two years, J has had a huge chunk of time off between jobs, so we get lots of family time.

That settles it, I love January.

Our stationery line

We've also just launched our first EVER notecards line at our etsy shop...
There will be more to come, but these are the first.
ALL the proceeds from the "A Woman's Heart" design will be donated to help out women in need.


having it all together

Someone suggested to me today that I seem to be able to do everything, but that is not fair...
as a little dose of reality...

I cannot keep a neat house
I cannot go to bed early
I cannot get a workout in - I don't want to tell you how long its been
I cannot balance a checkbook
I cannot drive stick
I cannot go a week without being asked if I am pregnant - see above about working out
I cannot research vaccinations and actually understand what I am reading
I can't get my kids to eat what I cook
I can't handle a day without coffee and prayer
I can't read an entire book anymore
I don't read enough to my kids
I can't follow a pattern when sewing
I can't bake

Want more?
(I also get embarrassed by attention)

I can't garden
I have a hard time remembering names
I don't have enough patience
If I remember to eat lunch it is usually whatever scraps are left after the kids eat
I avoid confrontation
I sometimes let Z go too long between diapers and he leaks through just because I am scattered
I am terrible at potty training
I vacuumed my carpet in my old condo less times than I will EVER
admit to even my own husband. (hardwood is much better for me)
I'm two years behind in my scrapbooking
I can't sit through a TV show
I can't keep my son from screaming fits or his new favorite game that he's named "hit the wall" (usually with his toy guitar)
I don't arrange enough playdates
I can't play an instrument
I can't go to the grocery store with my kids without losing it
I can't play ANY sports
I will never have the focus or patience to home school my kids
I can go on, but I am ignoring my kids. - one of whom is swinging a very heavy toy guitar at my head...
Do not ever believe the lie that I - or anyone else - have it all together...
it's just not true.



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