Thursday, January 28, 2010

CHA - Craft and Hobby Show

I've been meaning to tell you about last Friday since it was last Friday, and I'm all distracted with being productive. I just wanted to share the fun and wild day I had.
I'm sure you've gathered that I am a big fan of Amy and her Mod Podge Rocks blog. She's so fun and chock full of inspiration each day. Well, she's also super nice and we've been emailing back and forth the past few months. So when I learned she was going to be here in LA for the Craft and Hobby Supershow, I decided to take a little drive down to Anaheim to meet her in person.
That was fun. Glad I went. It was fun to meet her in person and see lot
s of crafty big-wigs... and I also got to pick up some awesome books, a few charm packs of fabric and see some cool demonstrations on neato machine (those were my favorite parts -the machines that were more the raw types of tasks... get the gears going, you know?) Lots of people were trying out new crafts, though the only one that really enticed me was the needle felting... (oh yes!) ... which I have wanted to try for a while now.

Amy and I met up and had a fun time talking - while we were chatting, Lisa, from "Me and My Peeps" (by Plaid) who draws those stick figures of families you see on the back of everyone's cars drew a super cute pic of my kids from a pic I gave her - and then did one of Amy and me that I'll have to post later.
I also picked up this adorable tee from the booth. SEW love it!

The day was awful rainy and it cleared up just in time for me to see a FAB rainbow as I left the show and headed off to my favorite Anaheim haunt (no, not Disneyland, though that is up there on the list) - M&L fabrics. I walked in and took a deep breath of happy before shopping to my heart's content. Wow. I love this store. It's full of designer fabrics and vintage fabrics at the most amazing prices (lots of great stuff even at $1.98 a yard!)... and the sheer breadth of the place is intoxicating. Oh, I love that place. That's why I loved that the double rainbow was just sitting there in the parking lot for me. I totally struck gold.... =) (yes, that gold is the gold square in the new green quilt and the yellow and grey one)

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courtneycash said...

You are killing me! If I only had an ounce of the time/creativity/motivation/fabric ;-). Oh how I love M&L as well. Superb! I'll treasure my boy for now, 'cause he'll be in school soon, and I'll have tons of time to do this stuff. (I think.)



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