Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spinny skirts

I'm not sure if the photo shows how pretty this shiny pink ribbon
is... It's a little girl's dream....

Hey, Momma, I can match you now..

Just in time for holiday photo shoots....if you are interested, send me an email! (still not fully set up on the computer to be able to do etsy quite yet)

New pockets

Already filled with cars... Daddy thinks they look pretty sweet on...
Even if he didn't love them at first. We won him over.

Sewing therapy. (a new project)

So... Or should I say "sew"...
I needed some therapy tonight and tried my hand at something for Z instead of his big sis. I like how these turned out, though Daddy doesn't love the pair on the right...
Sewing boys' clothes is way different!



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