Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coco In Love goes to Sweet Home Chicago

This may not be a completely "Chicago-style" pic to anyone else, but to me it is highly sentimental and perfectly captures a feel and memory. We took the pic standing right in front of the first place we ever lived in Chicago... A greystone 2-flat in Logan Square. And now you can finally get a good glimpse of my favorite side of my second fave skirt.

Sore throat

All of this travel has left me hanging onto my health by a thread. Last night instead of spending the night sewing, I made myself a spot of "throat coat" tea and spent the evening writing and resting.
This weekend is another family reunion , which leaves me still unable to get settled back into my happy creative patterns until next week. *I really miss my machines!* (though I am planning on bringing the nearly-finished green quilt and it's binding to work on over the weekend). I just hope that i can fight off this impending cold...



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