Thursday, December 13, 2007

Favorite Colors

For years, I declined to have a favorite color. (or maybe I was denying the color that was indeed, my favorite) ... it's weird to think about favorite colors.
In planning my wedding, I chose bridesmaid dresses that defied a color name, I still can't decide, years later, if they were more of a "shimmery bark" or a "gun metal" - and though my florist in his description of the flowers for my wedding, said I loved purple (I don't, I can't stand it!) - I knew that with my dresses and the green and brown foliage of the ranch that purple was the right color for the flowers to complement the many greens we were using.
I think the weirdest thing of it all is that I was totally in denial that I love RED. and I do. I love almost every shade of red: brick, orange, sienna, clay, scarlet, tomato, fire-engine - you name it - even most pinks... but I was in my "designer" phase then - and I had to love black and only black.
And now, with a preschooler and a toddler, I can't avoid having a favorite - because I get asked, oh, at least 12 times a day which is my favorite color - because this is an important thing to a little person.
Do you remember, as a kid, thinking about people in terms of what their favorite colors were? ("Can I be friends with her if her favorite color is brown?") And as adults, we never ask each other which colors we prefer, unless we're buying something for the person... It's pretty funny to ask a friend. I even asked my hubby recently and totally guessed wrong. Even after seven years of marriage.

Oh, and in case you wonder... (as if you do)
I also LOVE acidic greens. not EVERY green... just the hot ones.
I guess it IS important, after all.



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