Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 years in

This Thursday marked our tenth anniversary. 10 years of marriage. Our conclusion as we've talked is that it's not enough. We've asked God for another 40.
I am married to my best friend. Through everything we've been through, through the insanity of the past ten years, we've always clung together - constantly reminding each other "I'm your biggest fan!"

J, I love you. You are still my hero, now more than ever. You are an amazing husband and father and the best friend and sweetheart a girl could ask for. Thank you for the past ten years... Ten years is simply not enough time with you.

New collages

I've been invited to have another art show in North Hollywood. (yay!) This time, I will be doing a themed show (solo) based on the Christmas story and will even be able to sell my big prints. (if you're local... It's Dec 17 and 19)
These two collages happened for me the other night and are going to be part of the show. 
Their descriptions:

a close look at the "Star of Bethlehem" one shows that the hills are made of images of war and destruction (there are images of Haiti, Burma and WWII). Basically the idea is that this moment we depict in peace is actually way more revolutionary than we give it power to be. He came to a messed up, broken world as the Prince of Peace, and actually has the power to implement it.
The second one is kind of spun off of the idea of what role an olive branch would have played in the Nativity. I imagined Mary's viewpoint, looking out over the edge of town from the stable, tired from the long journey, but amazed at what was still to come. The olive tree is just a periphery bystander, but it's presence harkens back to the olive branch of mercy and hope after another long journey that God offered to Noah. Olive trees being everywhere in Israel, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine one stretching it's branches into Mary's line of sight as she pondered all she had been through and all yet to be. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spare Change Quilt

I want to call this the Spare Change quilt because it's a variation on a Coin Quilt, and it was all scraps that went into it... Even the white is an old tablecloth from my MOPS group.
I also want to keep it, but that would be ridiculous, considering how many quilts we have around here now. Two of them were in my recent art show and I have yet to get them back, but more on that another day....
This one is getting gifted to a friend who would never in a million years expect a quilt from me. I've known her a few years, but we aren't so close that she would ever expect this. I think that's what makes me excited to give it. It's a truly extravagant gift- with no occasion. :) Those are the best kind.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nest necklaces

I've been itching to make these nest pendants for a long time. Years, maybe? I made a nest necklace a few years ago that was commissioned for an auction and was so wishing I'd made an extra for myself. Last night, Mimi and I both made them (I'll post hers later, it's awesome)

I also have been itching to make this tourmaline tree for a while too. It was inspired by something Mimi and I saw in a catalog a while ago... It took a few hours to make, but it sure is rewarding...
Considering making a few extra nests for the holiday seasons boutiques and upcoming shows. I think they will make nice gifts this season.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday night sewing lessons

I spent my evening with the most adorable 6th grader - (Mimi's classmate's big sister)... Teaching her how to sew... In 1.5 hours she had made this adorable lined tote bag all sewn herself. (just in time for Red Ribbon Week at school... She's excited to show it off)
Her mom took one look and said, "you're gonna have a bunch of sixth grade girls begging to come over now"
I can think of worse problems, especially if they're half as cute as Tati.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spinach Salad

J and I resolved a few years ago that we would not eat regular lettuce salads anymore when spinach is so much better for us. So here is the salad that has become a standard around here. I bring it to every family event and pot luck and if I make a salad at home, this is it - I'm not sick of it yet, so I am pretty sure everyone else isn't either. (then again, who knows?) Either way, my sis in law, Jen, got a pretty picture of it, so I figured I'd post it here.

(these are the givens)
cherry or grape tomatoes (halved)
craisins (we like the orange flavored type)
almond slivers or pine nuts
dressing - I use the Italian salad dressing that you mix yourself - only I use balsamic vinegar

these are the optional additions that we also love in it, I wouldn't add them ALL at once, but they are great additions:
cooked orzo
goat  cheese crumbles
canneloni beans (rinsed)
strawberries or blueberries

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A true bee quilt from the Bee Happy gals

I feel like I am so lucky to be a part of such a great group of creative women in my quilting bee. This month at the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild 1st anniversary meeting, a number of us were able to present Melissa a "ticker tape" baby quilt for her new baby. We each worked on a square, mailed it to Natalie and she graciously pieced it and quilted it together. The end result is a study in love and shabby chic. Ticker tape quilts are SUPER easy and fun to do, and what a treasured gift this was to be a part of giving. My square was actually so much fun to make that I kept going and made an entire baby quilt in the same manner and fabrics for Tori's new baby... (I posted about it a month ago... Link later)
In different seasons of my life, there have been different small groups of women that have inspired me creatively and pushed me further and further. Bee Happy is that current group... And I have the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild (much larger and insanely inspiring as well!) to thank for that.
Who do you have that keeps you inspired and trying new things?

Friday, October 8, 2010

The design director turns 6

Last weekend was Mimi's birthday celebration. It's hard to believe she is now 6 years old. She's fabulous. Creative. Non-stop cheerful. Non-stop ideas. Non-stop chatter. And very sweet.
And we love her just the way she is.
Daddy took these adorable pics of her before her fairy party last weekend...

She's wearing a shirt she "designed" the morning of the party. "it needs this cupcake and, momma, the number 6 has to be handsewn" (well, okay then!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Key chain Wristlet - a mommy must-have

I recently made a huge bulk purchase of these gorgeous wristlet keychains. We gave them to every mom that came to our MOPS group as a welcome gift. These are the best! I've heard at least about 10 different women thank me for getting them - mommies tend to lose their keys about 10 times between the house and the car and this not only eliminates the loss, but it gives you a few more fingers free to lug whatever you might be lugging.
They've been my gift of choice for a few years, and not just to mommies of little kids... doggie mommas love them too. I'm planning on giving them as teacher gifts this year, too.
I've been using the keychain wristlets for about 2 years and when I wear one until it's hideous and filthy - I get out a new, different, pretty one. (happy)
I have a few favorite vendors for them on etsy... check out lovey duds and also gingersnappz (both of whom also list a bunch of other great mommy must-have items, the ones pictured here are from Gingersnappz)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Make your own ugly dolls - by my sister, Victory

Here’s a cute Halloween craft idea that my sister emailed to me – they are to make their own “ugly dolls” – (
These mittens are on sale at Target – they are normally 4 for $1.50 – this last week they were $1 (not sure how long the sale lasts)
Either way, pretty darn cheap.  Just need ribbon and some buttons and voila!
Just thought I’d pass on a cute idea!!



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