Monday, March 9, 2009


I am loving making these. And I've come up with a name, too..."the rough around the edges SCRAPbook"

These are the best. They are refillable, super duper "green" and apparently (as I get feedback from friends) quite enviable. They make the perfect sketchbook or work notebook....
Oh, I'm just so happy about them I can hardly stand it.... Etsy shop, soon...

Designing Moms

The internet is a scary, addicting and wonderful place.
I can so easily find myself sucked into the world of blog-reading - it's amazing, often to learn that there are people out there with really similar interests and passions... There's a new blog on my list that I am checking out daily - as well as being a contributor to very soon, called Designing Moms. It's a great place to be inspired in so many ways.
Check it out and meet some other really inspiring women...



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