Friday, May 30, 2008

I have the coolest friends (Nichole at cupcream)

So my friend Nichole is my favorite superhero. She's an awesome mom, a miraculously fast seamstress, a fabulous designer, a great Disneyland date, and she's really really responsible for much of the figuring out of my skirt pattern - how to get all the different sizes, and she helped me put legs to the DoHippy bag design , which was only sketches until she came along.

She's also an unselfish friend, who is into helping other women business owners and I met her by the recommendation of Jill at AllyZabba...

Well, we own a couple of her Avery's Closet dresses for Miss M, but she recently (finally!) launched a website where you can get her classic-ly designed little girl dresses. They're fabulous and we ordered them a little big because M likes them so much that she wears them every chance she gets.
Hooray for new website launches! Visit
(and many congrats on the new *real* baby, too, Nichole!)

For the love of tshirts

Ok, so I love shirts and I love love anything with strawberries on it.
I picked this one up at Target, and the kids hadn't seen it, but I am
so happy I got it... It was blue, so I almost didn't get it, but when
I picked up M from school today in it, she squealed about it because
she thought it was so funny... That was worth the price of admission.
Z noticed it too and asked what the strawberry's name was...
Though this one is an obvious comment getter, they notice even little
details like jewelry choices or shoe design... my kids are destined to
dabble in design at some point...

Save the shoes... The skirt's going into the wash...

90210 coffee stains and all...

Out in beverly hills

We were at a coffee shop in beverly hills today with tifanie before picking up m from school... It was a fun time, complete with shopping at anthropologie, but was capped off by the perfect 90210 quote... As we left the restaurant in a small rush, I dropped my latte and it splattered up all over my cream colored vintage fabric skirt and my bone shoes. As I was checking Z to map sure he wasnt burned, someone shouted, "oh no! And you are wearing white shoes!"
Never mind the scalding hot coffee everywhere, SAVE THE SHOES!



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