Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mimi is so creative she makes me cry

Recently, my pal Amy came in town to visit with her newborn baby girl for a visit. Mimi took one look at the tiny baby and said, "mom, can I go sew? I have an idea" ("are you inspired?") "Yes, can I?" ("Of course")
20 minutes later she emerged from the studio with a t-i-n-y bag. She explained it would make a perfect sleeping bag for baby Nadia. Amy graciously explained that Nadia would probably be sleeping with her mom in the bed, but thank you so much!
Then a few weeks later, Amy sent this email to Mimi:
Hi mercy!
Nadia is growing so fast that she is already too big for the nice sleeping bag you made for her. But we are going to use it for her monkeys ;) here's a picture. Thank you!!
Amy, Johnny and Nadia 

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First finish of 2013

Here's one of my Tumbler Party quilts. The Tumbler Party was a swap of sorts that Yolanda set up when she was feeling well last winter. She collected fabrics in specific colors schemes from about 12 different participants and then she used her die-cutter to cut tumbler shapes for all of us, she mixed them up and sent a packet to each of us. This one was in Yolanda's favorite color scheme... I assembled my quilt top when I was sewing in Lake Las Vegas with some friends for a weekend last February. But it sat unattended all year when Yolanda got sick and I was focusing on helping her get all her family quilts done.
So it is finally complete... It has both hand and machine quilting in it and its going to a very dear friend of mine - the hostess of that LLV sewing weekend last year - Tifanie - who has a fresh start in 2013 and also a birthday this month. :)
(Oh, and the adorable and very helpful puppy in the pic belongs to my husband's buddy, Tony and his wife, who had our family to their cabin over New Years' where I finished the quilt and got the great snow pics!)



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