Monday, August 1, 2011

Color sense

Mimi picked these fabrics out for her next project. I marvel at her color sense for a 6year old.

French General

(I've been meaning to write this post for almost a year. Can you believe it?)

Perhaps you've heard of French General. The owner has written some amazing craft books, she's designed a few lines of fabric for Moda and she even organizes tours for folks to take to Provence where they can experience flea marketing and  textile design in the beauty of the French Countryside, (sigh)

Well, she also has a store. And it's here in LA and open to the public only one day a week. I was fortunate enough to get a Monday morning free (this was before we received the baby!!!) and I traipsed on over to this little French haven in LA, close to Griffith Park.

What a world of inspiration it was! Beads in jars lined an entire wall. Fabrics, both vintage and new lined another. Tables of books and vintage French ribbons. Lovely salespeople who were so warm and amazing. And what's this? 

Lemonade and cookies for everyone in glass cups? (what a treat.)
The whole experience of visiting French General is one to be had. It is a refreshing and lovely place and the days that I entertain having my own studio, I imagine it would be as warm and welcoming - and only open one day a week! - as this sweet place.



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