Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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"Wearing my new scarf on a sunny winter day. Birthday presents rock."

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Birthday pics

I can't believe I didn't show you all the fun pics that everyone sent to me for my birthday! This seriously made my day, everyone. There were people near and far that emailed me and said they had dressed up in my honor for my birthday. I literally laughed out loud at some of the pics I got and cried, too.
Some of you wore stilettos to playgroup, skirts in Chicago winter weather, cowboy boots to the airport... and I did get a number of emails from people who either forgot to take pics or were sick, but thought about dressing up... I am SO grateful. How dear are my friends (both cyber and real)
Here are two collages I made up to represent my birthday gift from you all.
I spent the morning finishing my Timeline quilt and was able to submit it as an entry for the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase.

When the mail came, I realized how many of my amazing friends know that I love mail!

Then I picked up my kids from school and took them through the McDs drive through for ice cream cones. (I know, SO glam!) How much do you love Z's weird eyes-on-you thing in the background?

At night we went out for dinner and drinks with a few close friends and family members in Hollywood and I was happy happy happy.

Thanks for all the well wishes!



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