Monday, July 14, 2008

Be a friend and vote for Libby Dibby

Hey folks... some sweet fan put Libby Dibby skirts on the home page at today...
do us a favor and send us a shout out over there by commenting and voting for us.

New patterns

This one is a prototype... I have only a M (maybe one more...) but if
you all like it, we will get more.
It is "moonlight summer"

New patterns

This is "Sweet Sofia"

ps- Sweet Sofia skirts are the first skirts to be made pre-washed - MEANING that you can wash them and not dry-clean them.... (no drying, though... we recommend washing on cold and hanging to dry)

Hooray for new patterns!

They're not yet up on the site... But can be ordered, in all sizes
(email me)
This one is called "Classic"



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