Thursday, April 22, 2010

Martha Stewart Dream

I dreamt 2 nights ago that Martha came through my house on a tour. (I have no idea why she would). The worst part was that we started the tour in the laundry room and she was too busy and had to leave before she ever got to the cuteness of any other parts of the house. All she saw was the mess.

I woke up laughing about that. Martha has a fabulous sense of style and color - though it's a little more subdued and pastel than my own... and she's truly impressive in what she's done for homemakers and also craft in general. But I don't like her ideal of perfection.

When I was speaking yesterday at the MOPS group, I kept saying that I just think that a B+ average is just fine with me. I don't expect perfection from myself in my personal life. (my skirts are another thing... that's why I have fabulous seamstresses sew them for me because I care about what I sell)... but when it comes to the simple everyday parts of life... "good enough" is indeed "good enough for me."

When I got home from MOPS and got to look at Sonja's pics... ... I was a little surprised to see these photos that she took. They are of the imperfections in my studio. The fabric not quite stacked perfectly, the books and whatnot crammed onto my shelves... and I remembered the dream and laughed again.

Sorry Martha. I'm not into being perfect here at home.



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