Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Salvaged t-shirt

Miss M outgrew her Snow White shirt, so we cut out Snow White and
sewed her onto a new shirt!
A little zigzag on the sleeves and hem, and suddenly we have friends
asking where we got such a boutique-y shirt.

Fancypants #2

Last night's project

Okay, so my friend came over last night with some holey jeans she
wanted to patch up, so we turned it into a jean project night...
At the end of the night, we got into buttons, which - of course - have
to be used in much moderation... And these pants, who have been
awaiting some ornamentation, finally got their fix.
When she emails me photos of her pants, I'll post them...
This got me thinking... I think I want to maybe do a Summer Camp for
women... One night at a time, and call it "fancypants" ... Where women
would bring their jeans and pants and we could do embellishments on
them... What do you think?

Today's smile



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