Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer romance

I know, I know. I've kind of been MIA. My sewing machine hasn't been touched in weeks. I have a list about 10 topics long that I want to blog about... For here AND Designing Moms... But all this travel has caught up with me. I'm tired. And I have summer fever. I haven't sat down at my computer in a week either (and that means you don't even get to see my first attempts at floral arranging for Amy's wedding... Or any of the other fun projects she and I dreamed up for the amazing wedding.
But alas, I have been hanging out with some old friends... Books!
Something I haven't done in years, really since the kids started being active. I've read some great fun summer reads (lots of mental bubblegum-more on that later) and I've been introduced to EDWARD and BELLA... From the Twilight series. They've escorted me through quite a few sweltering nights when it has been just too hot to think of hanging out with any form of electronic device... Computer, sewing machine, even just to edit photos from our many trips!
I'm loving the books. Dare I admit how much? Will you still love me?
They are just the right balance for me of retelling the classics (Pride & Prejudice, Romeo & Juliet... Talk about great summer romances) and a tiny bit of harmless suspense.
And did I say it's been a hot one? Yikes, it's been hot. My two trips (TWO!!!) alone with J this summer have been my only escape from the air-conditionless heat. But they've been pretty warm on the inside- reminding me how much I love being Mrs. to this Mr.
And that's another reason I haven't been writing so much... Sweet summer romances are the best.

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