Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moving pics

Trying again to post these pics from the move...

Blogger's torturing me... A two week late post about moving....

(I tried posting this two weeks ago, but for some reason, my phone and blogger aren't on speaking terms these days. We are on week 4 without computer/wifi access - and therefore no fun blogposts... Right now it looks like I might not even be able to get the pics to attach, so we shall see).... Here's the post you were meant to read a few weeks ago.... I still haven't sewn since those first few days after Hawaii. I can't wait to finally get to, someday soon. Here's why you haven't heard from me in a while. We have moved. And not just a move, but a move into an "almost" complete (read: very dusty) remodel. Yes, that makes 2 kitchen remodels in one year. And yes, we are putting the exact same kitchen into this house! (you thought I could give up those red countertops so easily? I'm paying for that decision now as they've suddenly gone on back order and we have no counters at least until August)... Our new house is funky. Quirky. And adorable. It's also 2x as big as the beloved bungalow that we rented to some nice folks. It's likely the smallest house in the neighborhood... And that's just fine with me. It's a happy house. You can feel it when you walk in. It was built in 1950. A few years after that, a nice family bought it. They are the people who sold it to us. To me, that says, "HAPPY HOUSE" - you don't stay somewhere for 60 years, through multiple generations and multiple good markets if you hate it. The last son from the previous family is thrilled to see what we've done. I think he's excited to see another happy family move in after he had to rent it out the past few years. Our old house is the same way. We are only the third or fourth owners and it was built in 1926. It was hard to say goodbye to the bungalow. I loved that place. I started blogging because I was so excited to live there that I had to tell someone. But now we are in a new season. We know lots of neighbors in our new digs already, some have been friends for years. Today we walked to the farmers' market around the corner. Tomorrow the french doors go in on my new (and much bigger!) studio. I hope that means I get to start unpacking in there... Finally. I haven't sewn or made collages in weeks. Today I even put on a dress for the first time in weeks - its been all sweats and dust all the time lately. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. These past 3-4 years have given us more change than we ever wanted. We can't wait to settle into our new life. We've changed church, school, family size (from 2 kids to 3, to 2 again and again, then to 3 and even 4 and back to 2), we've grieved, remodeled, packed up, moved and now remodeled again. I can't wait to have a boring week!!!!! Until then, I'll keep ya posted... Sent from my iPhone

Sunday, July 8, 2012

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