Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lots of Jewelry made this weekend

Last weekend I pulled out my beads to give a bunch to my sister and a friend. As I was looking through them I was reminded how much I enjoyed them. I decided it was time to make some jewelry again... Not necessarily because I feel the need to start any business right now but simply because having all these beads and looking at them unused made me kind of itch to get my fingers on them and make something new.
Mimi started begging me this weekend to pull out my beads so that she could make earrings and once I got them out I sat down next to her and started working myself. By the end of the weekend I had made 8 necklaces and she had made about 20 pairs of earrings.
The thing that I found most interesting about the creative process this time around was that I was really improving as I designed the necklaces. This is something that I haven't done before and made me think a lot of the process when I'm collaging or doing improv quilting. I really liked that a lot better than making patterns and just repeating them a hundred times.
Little Miss Ambition is all into having a store of her own which I have to figure out. I really don't know what to do with these extra necklaces. Maybe I will list them on Etsy just to get rid of them.
In the meantime it was fun to play and she and I had a great time together.



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