Friday, October 24, 2008

Mimi and mama

Today our new tags and stickers arrived for our girl projects. "mimi and mama"
I'll try to post a better picture later. This is still a first draft, as I will eventualy have time for some original artwork for the tags. (the last non-backed up artwork on the stolen computer was an adorable set of labels and designs for this. I haven't yet had the heart and time to redo them, so I used vistaprint (again) to get something done quickly. These will do for now. They're cute.
The text at the bottom reads, "this special item was made for you by our own 4 hands."

On another note... The book nears completion. Everyone around me is pulling weight so I can get it done (thanks!). I read it at the school today to the class and have already had requests to make custom versions of it for other kids... This could get interesting.
(if any of you readers have good recommendations and/or experience as to what type of fees apply to something like that, I'd love to hear. This is a totally new area for me.)

New spinny skirts

Okay... So I got a bunch more skirts this morning.... These are all in that size that should fit all sizes between 3t-5t... (I've got some 2ts on order)
This design rocks... The others I got today are the red gingham like Lily's skirt... And also more Blue Sky Girl skirts (blue/brown) with either the dots or the damask. Email me if you're interested. I need to get them onto etsy, but with the book and the retreat decorations
(I'm also doing all the nametags) and also Halloween... I'm slammed this week.
Will try to get them up soon as they are perfect for holiday gifts!



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