Monday, August 11, 2008

Sample skirt contest

Tell me why (in the comments section) you deserve to have this skirt ... It's one of only two, it's a medium, and super cute for fall...
And we will pick one friend to have it for only $45!!!
(I'll let my mom choose who gets it, so it's unbiased. I see Mom on thursday, so you have until then...)

New bags

I love Pleasant View Schoolhouse blog ... Anna is a total inspiration and I love her etsy shop for
gift giving. I gave an apron to my friend Christy for her birthday, this bag I just received today. I haven't decided if I am keeping it for myself or to give... But now it would have to be to someone who doesn't read this! Oh well. (guess I have to keep it)

new shirts up on etsy

so, i don't get many days with kids napping anymore, but while at least one is napping (before the etsy site went down - ARGH) - I was able to upload a few of my new projects onto the site.
these are either "up" or "coming up" in the shop...



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