Friday, August 5, 2011

Stacked books baby quilt

Wow. Last week was insane. To try and cope with all the stress I had, I was a sewing fiend! After whipping up the boy and girl baby quilts for my friend's new babies - I still had the same fabrics out and the inspiration to try my hand at another pattern that I've wanted to use...
So - same fabrics - different pattern. Still easy, still fast - and another chance to practice my stippling - which isn't fabulous, but isn't the worst ever anymore.
The monkey fabric is sentimental, because it's G's crib sheet. The sheet had a rip in it and I decided to cut it up and use it for quilts as a way to represent my journey - the good and the bad. I did the same with one of AJ's receiving blankets and that little striped pattern has made it into about 3-4 other quilts. The same way I carry my grief as I move forward into joy, I want to remind myself that the grief is also able to be made into something of beauty. So no matter where our journey with G goes - these monkeys may keep showing up as a little reminder of our journey. 

This quilt is headed to another friend who is adopting after some huge heartbreaks. Oh, I love adoption.  It may continue to elude us, but it is so amazing when it does work out for other people.
 (Our kids have BEGGED us not to give up. Can you believe it? They are even more committed to fostering than I feel some days.)
Stacked books baby quilt

Christmas in July (August)

This past month was my month to get blocks back for Bee Happy... I requested Christmas blocks. I've wanted, basically since I first started quilting, to make our family a Christmas quilt, ad I've collected fabrics forever for it, but never made one. So that's what a bee is great for, helping you tackle the projects that just seem too big.
Here are my blocks that I've made so far. My bee-mates are actually blowing my mind as they're sending in their blocks. Knowing July is a big travel month, I asked for only 1 block instead of the usual 2, but they all seem to be having so much fun with this that they have been sending me 3 and 4 blocks each. I can't wait to show you their work. For the time being, here's mine!



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