Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quilts in a to-do stack (and a crisis)

Here are the 4 quilts I have been working on this week (besides the spiderweb one and Mimi's quilt)... Two of them (the red/white and green/white ones) are only awaiting bindings.
The red and cream ones are tormenting me right now. I love their French fabrics and I enjoyed making up my own patterns for them, but the stippling in the red thread irks me and I'm in the process of ripping it ALL out to try again and start over with a different style. (1 hour to sew, 3+ to remove)...
I'm thinking this one may want diagonal stripes for quilting? Or maybe some rectangles that echo the shapes? I dunno. Got suggestions?

Art organization - your input...

I was asked recently by two different friends for my input on how to organize kids craft supplies. (I laughed out loud upon receiving the requests)... 2 days later, Mimi pulled out our art drawer in the hall (it's a 100 year old drawer, heavy and hard to navigate) - and i realized it was time for some new organization.
I've since redone the drawer (and the one below it as well) - though it never lasts long since the kids have free access to it and it's supplies.
I once heard a professional organizer talk on organizing kids' supplies and the woman said, "those rolling carts are just great! You can just roll them right into a closet or guest room when they are not in use" (I laughed and said, "um, what about those of us who live in small, old houses with no closets or extra rooms?") She looked at me sweetly and said, "so put it in the garage..." (we don't have a garage... We have a tiny guest house that a friend lives in)
My point is that not all of us live in houses with lots of room. Many of us live in big cities with small condos and cramped apartments. Old houses aren't the easiest to navigate organizing... That said, I'd love to hear about what you have done to organize. Any tips? Send a link to a pic and I'd love to compile some (corporate speak) "best practices" for a post.

And don't forget to fill out the survey, it's been amazing to read your answers! I'm getting good ideas for things to do and am letting go of some insecurities I had about the blog as it is... You readers rock!

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