Monday, November 19, 2012

Quilt Guild retreat

Just a little glimpse into my weekend retreat with my quilty guild friends this weekend. My family was amazing and made it possible for me to get away for 4 days of sewing with my friends at a beautiful retreat center in Temecula. I didn't take a lot of pics myself, but my friends did, so I'm showing you their pics. (Turns out I was a little bit obsessive-compulsive about using my time to sew as much as I possibly could in that time. I made a lot of projects, but that's another post)
It was a beautiful weekend with lots of laughter and hugs, sewing and snacks, cooing at babies (since there were three cuties there!) and generous friends giving gifts and helping each other out. We made another speed pieced charity quilt top (the orange and gray squares - all made by us in 1/2 hour) and we even had a scavenger hunt. We met another guild across the yard from us who were a group of older ladies (and one man) who had over 500 years of quilting experience in their group and we made friends.
I stayed up ridiculously and guiltlessly late and sewed as much as I wanted to all weekend.
A huge thanks to my in-laws and Jay who made my weekend possible by juggling the kids until I got home, and allowed me to be irresponsible and a little selfish for the weekend.

Oh, and see that cute little munchie I'm playing with? That's Crockett... Ramona's adorable guy and he's my godson!!!! (Why does every single baby seem to have this exact pic with me holding them this way? So funny... I love babies. It was good to get some baby love on a weekend where I was really missing a very special baby).

I also had a "fabric fairy" - who turned out to be my friend, Jennifer, who made me a beautiful sewing machine cover for my new machine. I love it. I felt surrounded by sweet friends this weekend. Sweet friends and fabric and free time to sew... For me, that's a pretty awesome weekend.



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