Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now I'm on a casserole...

A belated bday gift for a friend of mine who is always bringing meals to other people. (made with some batik that Amy brought me from Indonesia) the straps are made from a fun woven fabric that I inherited when Tori downsized... My favorite part is the pink button closure.

Apron Festival

Yesterday I emailed 2 friends to see if they were up for an impromptu sewing night... I knew we could finish the aprons in one evening, but I had to convince Kellie and Christy... we had a great time making them... even if Kellie was a little adverse to the ironing at first.
(nothing a little beer and ice cream cake couldn't fix)
The aprons turned out great, the company was even better and remind me to always have an amazing photographer on hand when I do project nights!

apparently, I was cutting really fast...

finished products

dorky models, but hey... the aprons at least look great!



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