Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bachelder tile detail from fireplace

Window grapes

After the robbery, we were faced with the fact that we had some pretty vulnerable windows on our nearly century-old house. The most upsetting to me, personally, were the two full length windows to the sides of the beautiful front door. The door, and its windows, are probably our favorite part of the house besides the fireplace, porch, storybook roofline, craftsman details... So I was really upset about losing the aesthetic.
We are not putting bars on all the windows, just one additional particularly vulnerable one... And after much deliberation... We came up with this design for our windows. It was a tough choice, because Craftsman lines have an art deco flavor, but are mostly straight and
very clean... (Like jail bars?) but our Bachelder tile on the living room fireplace, ties in this grape design quite nicely.
We are so very pleased with how they came out... Our worst fear was that our newly bolstered house would begin to visually scream, "we've been robbed!"
But now instead, we have this shady garden like view from the living room, and a new element of beauty from the outside. Hooray for form meeting function!



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