Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A birthday smile

You may be sensing a theme here, but I have had a REALLY hard day. And today I opened my door to find a package on my porch... (earlier today I tweeted that each time I open my door I secretly hope a package is there for me)... And THIS was in it! My pal Tori sent it for my
birthday... And I'd even commented on it on her blog... About how she had this cute piece of artwork that -um, reminded me of, um, me... That sounds really self centered, except for those of you who know how much I love red and white polka dots... And my red and white polka dotted rainboots on top of that!...

come to find out... it was actually inspired by this pic.... the one I posted here...

Tori, you're awesome. What a cool fabric collage... Do tell your process... And thanks for the smile today, Lord knows I needed it.



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