Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free scraps- 2 left!

I got sick of using the same scraps to make every scrappy project I make, especially with so many other fun fabrics waiting around to be used...
So a few minutes ago, I tweeted that the first 3 people to get back to me get an envelope of my (most random!) scraps... They're already claimed, but I made up a few more. Email me if you want one of the last 2 I made.

Breakfast with friends

One of our favorite things about weekends is having friends over for breakfast and now our kids had caught the bug. Today's table was "kid" set long before Daddy and I woke up. Then when the food got put out, everything needed their touch, complete with labels. My favorite being the ones for "QUICHE-with a period" and "skons".
Our guests are in for a treat.



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