Tuesday, November 27, 2007

beauty in the cabinet

one of the happiest things to me about my new (it's very old) house is the view of the inside of my bathroom cabinets.
I know, it sounds strange, but I love it.
There are layers and layers of torn contact paper and other coverings that have been exposed in the most lovely way... the way that only about 40-50 years of aging can do and I love it.

Every time I look at it, all I can think about is how honored I feel to live in a place that has this much history.
Part of the pain for me of moving back to LA after 5 years in Chicago was the thought of not getting to live in a home/city/place with history. When we discovered our current neighborhood, we were amazed - "you mean in the heart of LA is a district with historic homes, just like the one we left in Chicago?"

yup - complete with crooked floors, original bathrooms and kitchens, huge front porches and remnants of hiding wallpaper - just hinting at years and years of history.

right up my alley.

Garage sale find

we found this at a garage sale years ago in Chicago... but it still is one of my happiest possessions.
hand-painted, heavy board - it now occupies a prize corner in our dining room



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