Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Momma Kind of Day

Today was a "momma" kind of day. I went to MOPS and actually spent a little time as the speaker - encouraging the moms and reminding them that no one is perfect... I read them this list from my blog a few years ago and we had some good laughs.

While I was there, Sonja, my photographer pal, gave me a CD with photos from our shoot she did at my house a few weeks ago. She's working on a project where she is documenting Artist Moms and their homes and we had such a fun time when she came over. It was about a week after the whole situation with Ace was ending, so the distraction was sweet and the time together was wonderful.

She took so many many many amazing photos that I can't possibly show them all now. Today you'll get the first ones I got - which were the ones of me, Mimi and Z. These are so amazing, they truly capture us in our life... at the door, on the couch... laughing and playing together. I can't wait to show you the rest!!!! (well, not all 250 of them... let's just say that you'll be getting a few PRETTIER views of my stuff over the next few months.)

The evening ended with me having to cancel my babysitter after M got (ahem) sick in the car on the way home from school. (definitely a Momma kind of moment)... so I am here at home tonight instead, sewing like a madwoman as I try to build up as much as I can for the sale on Saturday... and then eventually catching up with "LOST."




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