Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SAS fabrics

I'm letting you in on a secret.
For a few years now, my favorite fabric shop for (read: random) sewing junk has been this store... SAS Fabrics in Hawthorne, CA. I can't remember if Tori found it first and told me about it, of if I told her, but we were both struck by the signs in the windows proclaiming,
"fabric by the pound!"
I think only crazy textile hounds would find that an exciting process. I mean, why is it thrilling to watch the lady put your yards of some random discontinued cotton onto a scale and proclaim the ridiculously cheap cost? (I have NO idea, but it is)
Add that to the miles of fabric (this isn't where you find Amy Butler or Anna Maria Horner prints, but there is much fun to be had)... The rolls of ric rac, bins of thousands of buttons, and hundreds of rolls of satin ribbon and elastic for $0.50 each send crazy thrills through
me. (you think I am kidding?)

Anyhow, I love this little weird store. It's all the fun of going downtown to the garment district, only in one place, with free parking and ... Well, you get to weigh in everything on the scale.
If you live in LA, you can find it at the corner of 135th and Hawthorne Blvd. in the city of Hawthorne...
Happy hunting.


Dear blog reader,
This is to inform you that the writer of this blog has now officially lost her mind. After months of wanting to make pants (not just skirts), and finally learning how easy they can be... -said blogger
drove herself to the edge of reason (and over) by making 6 pairs in a 24 hour period. She is claiming there is some small amount of culpability placed on her two children, The Design Director and Ze Artiste, as they required that they have Thomas the Tank Engine pants (not pictured here for obvious reasons) and Strawberry Shortcake jammie pants made for them... But as for the other 4 pairs... Well, she states that her love/hate relationship with her serger has made her lose the will to discuss the matter any further... Though there was some allusion to the fact that this was done in an attempt to right the wrong of being constantly drawn to tacky pajama pants in the past.

Please accept our apologies.



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