Monday, October 5, 2009

The big office clean up

a pic of a sweet tree my sister's girls made at camp this summer... because...

I am NOT posting photos of how the studio looks halfway organized, but suffice it to say that I nearly cried a few times and was sweating bullets all day as Tif and I worked on getting it organized. It's not far. We're going to try and finish it on Thursday. (but I can't leave it like this in the meantime and am torturing myself by slowly going through it over and over trying to find places for things.)
Tif has given me hope that this is going to work, though.
The one outcropping of today's cleaning is that there is a lot of purging happening too. Which means that I am for sure going to have my "First Ever Upscale Backyard Yard Sale". It will be in Los Angeles on November 21. (if you want an invitation, send me an email.) Anyhow... I already have 5 boxes of $2 grab bags... and then I have a pile of half finished projects that I am going to finish and plan on selling at the sale. There will be my entire inventory of skirts (for the first time ever!), my spinny skirts, baby slings, jewelry closeouts from my handmade jewelry days, journals, doorstops, candles, baby onesies, swaddle blankets, tea cozies, embellished tees... and yes... COFFEE and SCONES!
I'm planning on making it a cute and sweet experience for everyone to come and be a part of. And even if it's outside in November - Los Angeles rarely has bad weather, so we'll just bank on some sunshine, or at least haze - and then prepare for the worst as well.
so now I have an almost organized studio AND a party to plan! (I asked Tif for her help on that too)



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