Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sketch and music

Listening to a little Mumford today.

Five things you may not know about me

This happened on Instagram recently, so I thought I would post it here and add a little more too... :)

Five things you may not know about me

1- I spent a summer doing archeology in Israel.
2-I have permanent eyeliner tattooed on
3- I once used my rusty Spanish skills to get a Spanish man who knew no english through customs in Thailand (after a 4 hour layover and flight spent talking together)
4- I had a huge scar on my forehead as a kid that was so bad it was usually the first thing I had to explain to other kids
5- there was a 4 year period of time where I wore black almost exclusively (I did it to avoid the suits my corporate company wanted me to wear). I remember the first brightly colored shirt I bought. (Funny fact if you know me now and see how much color I wear)

Five more random facts...
1- I was born on Leap Year day. Yup. February 29th. Which means I turned 9 last year and don't have a birthday this year.

2- I refuse to wear sweats or shorts anywhere other than working out if I'm out of the house. But if you catch me 10 minutes after being home, I'm in pajamas with my hair in a scrunchie.

3- I grew up in suburban Los Angeles in the beach cities. Moved to Chicago for 5 years when we first got married and had kids, and now we live in urban Los Angeles. We don't think we will ever move again.

4- I spend a lot of time sewing, but I really really really just want to make and sell my paintings and collages. Haven't ever sold a quilt, because they would be too expensive to sell, but have sold some fine art. I often entertain thoughts of doing another show someday.

5- I'm crazy good at the huge laminating machine at my kids' school. The TAs tease me about it.  I'm also the lunch lady on Tuesdays and if you saw me yesterday, I was not only doing both of those, I mopped the stairs and swept the entire hall. (Life in a charter school ain't glamorous, but we love it!)



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