Monday, May 4, 2009

walking home from school

Walking home from school today... the Design Director has on her sweet vintage pants, and momma is happy to be wearing the original Libby Dibby skirt that started it all, along with a BIG red Audrey Hepburn hat and flip flops.
Now there is some goodness.

Inspiration: Mexican tile

I took the Design Director and Ze Artiste out for Mexican food after church yesterday -Daddy had to go somewhere-... And we ended up at this cute place on Lincoln Blvd. In Venice Beach.
The Design Director had a real inspirstional experience. She was busy, dancing to the music after finishing her quesadilla and suddenly noticed the gorgeous tile. She stopped.
"momma, I don't know what that is" and I realized that was 4-year old artist speak for "that pattern inspires me!"
So I told her to take some photos of it with my phone and we'd take them home and draw them into her sketchbook. I loved this moment.
(ps. Not a bad iPhone photo by Ze Artiste, either, eh?)



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