Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Alert...

Did you realize that we've got just over a week before Mother's Day arrives?
I don't know about you, but Mother's Day is a working holiday around our house. J is usually in the season of delivering season finales of the TV shows he works on and has even had to skip out in the middle of Mother's Day dinner to go work. I earn my salt as a mom on Mother's Day - (**please don't mistake this as griping... my man does his BEST to treat me well in May as soon as the TV season is over... remember how he took me to Italy last year? Here's 2 pics to show I AM NOT COMPLAINING)

...but - in addition to often having the kids mostly on my plate for Mother's Day... I also get lots of last minute requests for the hand stamped charms... Daddies asking me if I can ship to them via Express Mail on the Friday before Mother's Day... or random people asking me to drive all over LA to meet them with orders.
And because I am me, I always am hand-making something for ALL the moms in our family - including my sister and sis in law - since we all celebrate together.
So .. here's my own warning to myself... and also to you...

Don't forget to do something special for MOM!



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