Thursday, October 25, 2012

Collage class update

So another Tuesday night spent in my collage studio class yielded more work to share this week. The top picture is a "fragment" - not a finished piece, but one that might either become a finished piece or might be torn up and cannibalized for other pieces.

I had a long talk with my teacher about how we have ebbs and flows in art-making. There have been years of art-making where I wouldn't dare post what I was making... I hated the work. Much of it is stacked up and piled in back corners of my garage... But this series... This is a sweet spot. It's happening so fast and heartily. It's very vulnerable. I'm putting in pages of questioning and tears from my journals these past few years... Lots of hidden images of important moments and references to very painful memories are mixed into these. (Why does it seem that the best art often comes from the worst pain?) Anyhow, I don't expect this tide to remain the same forever, but I am for sure riding this wave out... It's also so very cathartic for me. I am healing as I make this work.

The second piece shown is a tribute to my friendship with Yolanda. I think I'll probably call it, "goodnight, my friend".



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