Monday, May 11, 2009

Momma/Daughter Matching

Did you and your little gal wear matching Libby Dibby on Mother's Day (or recently)?
If you did, send me a pic in an email - or post it on a blog and send me a link... and I'll send you a present!

Here are two sweet samples. (thanks Cat and Jen!)

Mother's Day -Libby Dibby style

We have a big family - which means lots of mothers around to celebrate on Mother's Day. All of the family (on all sides - that's 3 sets of in-laws) get together for every holiday. It's very tidy, and very loud.... with 7 cousins in 5 years, there is never a dull moment.

That also means there are lots of gifts given and lots of chances for fun pics throughout the day.
Here are some highlights from our day...
The Design Director begged me to make her a dress to match my new green shirt... Though I am not super matchy matchy, I know she won't want to dress like me forever... I will treasure this photo now and know that the night it took to make her dress was time well spent.

My sister, Victory, opens up her "Auntie Vic" present, with Violet watching.

Mimi explains to Nanny how the fairies come live in your tree if you put up these magic windows and doors for them to enter.
These are vases from the Dollar Store that I gave the kids Sharpies to decorate for their grandmas.

The three very happy grandmothers. (left to right... my mom, my sis' mother in law, J's mom)
We are a blessed family, indeed.



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