Friday, March 29, 2013

More street art (love)

I love street art. Not just graffiti. I love that poets and artists around my city and the world feel the need to provoke thought, promote love and express beauty in the midst of the urban landscape.
These pics are just ones that I was able to snap pics of while trolling around Los Angeles and Hollywood within the last month or so. When I find them, they feel like little unearthed treasures, secrets of my city. Especially when I stumble on a poster by Morley (do yourself a favor and search #morley for his pics on Instagram. He's guaranteed to make you smile and think and remember)
I love that these artists have decided to simply put their art out there. Where it may be walked by and ignored, but it also may make someone's day.
I don't really have the nerve to become a street artist... Can you imagine me tucking my kids into bed and heading out with stencils and aerosol cans to dodge police so I can get my art seen??? (The thought is quite thrilling and inspiring, but I don't see it happening, if we are honest... Anyone want to volunteer their wall for some big swirls?)



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