Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bee Happy Blocks - the last few months

While the bee was busy all year working on Yolanda's quilts, we really put our monthly block assignments to the back burner. But then in September, the overwhelming feeling for me of being behind just got to the point where I HAD to catch up. I set aside a few nights to sit down and crank out some blocks for the girls who I care so much for.
 Forgive me if I managed to post about these before and didn't actually realize it... but here are a bunch of bee blocks from 2012.

Nicole asked us to make blocks inspired by Gees Bend. I love the quilts of Gees Bend and loved this project. I took special inspiration from a well known quilt made by Annie Mae Young.

Alison was inspired by her collection of vintage sheets and also the idea of spelling pieced words with fabric. She asked each of us to do our name and also a word that described our bee and our amazing friendship. I picked the word "FRIENDS"

Kelly asked for an improv block and gave us a great palette of colors to play with. I chose one of her inspiration pic on Flickr as my starting point, making sure to include curved piecing, since that's my fave.

Melissa wanted help finishing up a rainbow mod mosaic...

Natalie wanted a bookshelf.
Bee Happy block - Natalie's 
Then it was time for a new round and Natalie wanted for year 3 to begin with a wonky star.
Bee happy 2012 - Natalie's star
Earlier in the year, Rosanna had asked for hearts for a Valentine quilt.
A heart for Rosanna
Blossom had us do a string square.
Lori asked for a large square in square. She was the one that seemed to get us trending in the direction of making one big 18" square and not two 12" squares as often as we used to.

Janice also had us work on two separate projects within the same color family for two family members. One was a set in circle and one was to have triangles.
Janice's blocks - bee happy
Most recently, Ramona asked for us to work on a series of little quilt squares that she will piece together to create a maze. (can't wait to see this one all done...)

I apologize for the poor quality of pics - I often take these images around midnight when I am finished with them and then I pack them up with little goodies and treats for the friends and I mail them off the next day.  During year 2, I sent nearly every square (I think I did every square!) with a handmade project bag or zipper pouch. I forgot to take pics of some of them, but you can see some here...

I even probably still missed some blocks, but had to do some quick homework even to make this post!
I think I am mostly caught up now though, showing you these.



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